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Poster: whylisawhy Date: Dec 20, 2020 11:26am
Forum: software Subject: Does anyone know about a game called Hapmon?

This is a huge long shot, but I have to ask: does anyone know anything about a 1981 game on the CreatiVision called Hapmon? I couldn't get anything to happen on the game other than moving the word "Hapmon" up off the screen, and getting the letter S on the bottom of the screen. I wanted to find out more about it, but after a quick google search I basically only learned that it exists. It's emulated in the CreateVision collection, and I'll leave a link to it to see if maybe someone else can figure out what to do with the piece of software. If, by any chance anyone knows anything more about it, please let me know. I don't think I'll get any responses, but I'm willing to take the long shot that anyone will respond.
Here is the link to the emulation:

The game is very mysterious, and I'd like to know more than it has existed since 1981. Thanks for just reading, and thanks for anything anyone knows about it on the off chance that someone knows something about it.